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About ZhiNeng QiGong:

Qigong, as a kind of traditional method of curing diseases, maintaining good health and prolonging life span, it was closely related to Chinese Traditional Medicine. The ancient Chinese practiced QiGong and some of them developed special abilities to “see” the internal organs, acupuncture point, meridians, and the moving of Qi in the body. Step by step, they realized the rule of life and the relationship between human beings and nature so the theory of YinYang[阴阳], Wu Xing[五行], Ba Gua [八卦]were formed.

In the past, only a small number of people who had good life conditions could practice QiGong. They developed their wisdom and special abilities and then they naturally became the leadership at the upper levels. They also became the founders of Chinese splendid culture, for example, the books《易经》 and 《黄帝内经》 which still have great influence on lots of people.

Since 1970, more and more people in China wanted to find the treasure of strengthening the body and curing diseases as they began to have better living conditions. ZhiNeng QiGong was founded in such a history background.

"Zhi" means wisdom and intelligence. "Neng" means comprehensive abilities. ZhiNeng QiGong is QiGong which develops intelligence and strengthens your ability. ZhiNeng summarizes all the effects of QiGong---strengthens the body, prolongs your life span, prevents and cures diseases, develops higher mental capabilities and many more effects.

ZhiNeng QiGong has a special system of theory and a systematic method. It gathered many of the best ideas from Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Medical Arts, Martial Arts and Folk-Qigong, and absorbed the achievements of modern science, medicine, and philosophy. It is concise, rationalized, safe and easy to learn.

ZhiNeng QiGong can cure not only the postnatal disease, but also the congenital and hereditary diseases. It can cure not only the diseases of the body, but also the disease of spirit. Through the practice of ZhiNeng QiGong a person can re-establish the operation and function of harmed muscles, bones, internal organs and the functions of the body. Additionally, ZhiNeng QiGong has a unique ability to transform the cells of the body to eliminate unwanted cells such as cancer and tumors or to regenerate healthy new cells. Unwanted cells are transformed into Qi and eliminated such as neutralizing a poison.

So far, ZhiNeng QiGong has had good effects on more than 210 diseases. Most of the patients with these diseases could not be healed with Western and/or Chinese Medicine, but they had good results through practicing ZhiNeng QiGong and by having a QiGong teacher send them Qi.

ZhiNeng QiGong has reached nearly four million people trough formal training programs. In 1998, ZhiNeng QiGong was formally recognized as the most effective QiGong practice by the Chinese Government and it was agreed that it should be released to the world. )

In order to make Zhineng Qigong connect modern science more closely and let this new science be accepted by common people, Zhineng Qigong puts forward the hypothesis of the third level's matter theory( Shong theory ) and the second set of life mode based on the HunYuanQi theory.