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QiGong Medicine

QiGong Medicine is one category of ZhiNeng QiGong science and is also called HunYuan Medicine. It is different from Chinese Traditional Medicine and Western Medicine.

It regards HunYuan Entirety theory as a guide. In this way, while practicing ZhiNeng QiGong, you treat the entire body with external Qi. The purpose is to cure disease, prolong life and perfect life. You practice to make human HunYuanQi continually clean and rise to higher levels. The end is to enter LingTong HunYuanQi’s level and achieve the life freedom.

It has its special views not only in physiology and pathology, but also in diagnosis and treatment.


In 2020, we started opening online training / healing classes and Moon practice for every month. Also we open a personal healing session for patients.

We can accommodate the students needs and duration of classes. We are also available to travel to YOU for healing treatment if you are not able to travel to China.

We look forward to providing you with excellent classes in a wonderful environment of learning and healing.


Moon practice:

Moon-Practice( Full Moon and New Moon practice), that is from 11pm to 1am (China time) on 15th and the last day monthly of lunar calendar.
Chinese ancients realized the Qi in the universe is much stronger than usual naturally during this time,so they gave this  practice a special name" Zishigong子时功".

ZhiNeng QiGong created the Moon Practice, the main purpose is to make all the practitioners in different places can practice together at the same time and strengthen worldwide Qi field and vibrate the good information, some patients recoverd their health completely and some practitioners opened the special abilities through the Moon Practice...

The Chinese ancient paid much attention to moon practices, they thought that the moon is yin , and on the full moon day the yin has developed to the maximum and the moon is at its largest size.

From 11 pm to 1 am (China time), the moon moves from yin to yang. During this period of time in which these movements or changes take place, the Qi field in the universe is very strong.

In China, not only ZhiNengQiGong practitioners practice at this time, also other Gongfu style practitioners practice during this time from 11 pm to 1 am.

The dates of Moon Practices in 2022:

            New Moon               Full Moon    New Moon 
Jan      2                               17                    31
Feb                                       15
Mar     2                               17                    31
April                                    15                    30
May                                     15                    29
June                                    13                    28
July                                     13                    28
Aug                                     12                    26
Sep                                      10                    25
Oct                                      10                    24
Nov                                      8                     23
Dec                                      8                     22

Please click HERE for details for our Moon-Practice.

With much love and best Qi,

Hope to see you at the big Qi field of the moon practice in the Beautiful Spring season this year.

HYLT to you and your family.

Beijing Wisdom Healing Center